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Rent to own your home, floral greeting cards, road map for the real estate investor
These subjects and a host of others are presented on this web site


Rent To Own Home
(rent with option to buy, lease option)

This is a list of properties currently available on a 'rent with option to buy ' basis.
Road Map For the Real Estate Investor

Learn all about buying/selling real estate. A 'rent with option buy' example is detailed in the roadmap. This example was the basis for executing the most recent 'rent with option to buy' transaction. The buy transaction executed 1/14/03, followed by the 'rent with option to buy' which executed 2/15/03.

Web Design, Web Development Services
We offer a complete set of website design and website development services.
Road Map for Creating a WebSite A complete comprehensive guide, detailing how to create, publish, advertise, and get traffic to your website. This roadmap was used to create and publish this website and others.
Buy Floral Greeting Cards Exquisite floral greeting cards on a 5" x 7" plain ivory card & envelope. The Kodak floral prints on the front of the card are 4" x 6".

Technical Procedures for the IT Consultant

This problem solving guide covers a wide range of technologies and is targeted towards the software developer. Review the table of contents to get a handle on the range of technologies covered by this document.
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Creative, fun, intriguing web design. Everything you could want in a website design. Come by and see what we have to offer.
STz Productions
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