How to Access Internet on a Laptop or PC Via GPRS Enabled Handset Using PC Suite

Accessing Internet on a Laptop or Pc Via GPRS Enabled Handset is easiest and affordable way to access Internet with low budget suitable data plan.Isn't it?so you have to do little,friendly and easiest steps to get connected to the internet.No matter-via Bluetooth dongle or USB cable.lets start.....

Method1Via USB cable

Connect a GPRS [general packet radio services]enabled handset,suppose Samsung mobile phone, to the PC's or Laptop's USB port via USB cable.

Since,PCs and Laptops aren't capable of determining the USB cable automatically on their own,so you need to have a specific software manufactured by phone's company to be installed in the PC or Laptop,and are called PC suite.
A single suite can be used to be installed on both LaptoporPC.

After Installation, Open the suite whether from desktop shortcut,my computer or start menu.

After opening,left click over the letters titled click here to connect a phone.

Follow the connection wizard selecting "via USB cable".

Click "finish"button,and now your phone is ready to be used with PC suite.

Your phone's model will be displayed on the left of the screen.

Now click on right most image displayed at the top of the screen.

After clicking You will be redirected to the internet wizard.

Click on Connect button.

After clicking on Connectbutton,you will be able to use Internetwithin a moment.

Again you have to connect to internet,You have to do the same.But Still there is another step.After Passing Connection wizard,a connection will be made on the NetworkOption on your toolbar or desktop.

Click over the network option.and you will see your newly made connection.

Open Network and sharing center,then chose"adapter settings" and you will found all your connections.

Create desktop shortcut.And use that shortcut whenever you want to access internet.


Method2Via Bluetooth Dongle

Switch on the bluetooth of your GPRS enabled bluetooth handset and attach bluetooth dongle to PC or Laptop.

Since,bluetooth contain firmware,it automatically installs in the computer or Laptop without any suite or driver.

Pair your phone and Pc or Laptop via bluetooth connection wizard.

Now go to phone and modem options given on the control panel.
You will be asked for your location.that is your country.
enter your country's name.
Then you will be asked for area code of your country.Enter the area code-that is 91 for India,and different codes for different countries.

You will have to choose any among two options-those are-pulse dialing and tone dialing.
Choose Pulse dialling.Click OK then.

Now,you have configured your dialling rules..

Now under modems tab in phone and modem options dialog box,single left over Standard modem via bluetooth link.and click on options at the bottom of the box]

New dialog box will open-
Under "General" select change settings.
Now,on the same box,select "Advanced" tab on the top of the page.
Now you'll have to type the "extra initialization command",Which varies upon the mobile network connection you have.You must have to take this command from your network customer service center.
After filling the "extra initialization command",click ok.

Now your phone has been configured.

Now go to Network and sharing center or Network connection in Control Panel.
Click on Setup a new connection.
Then Setup a Dial Up connection.
New dialog box will open asking for dial up phone number,enter *99***1#for branded mobile phone or *99# for local or Chinese handset.
enter your name and password (can be left blank) and type connection name, you can name this connection on your desire,even your name.
Check allow other people to use this connection.and click on connect.
New dialog box appears,you don't have to do anything just click on dial.
And see you would be connected to internet.

to connect again later just choose the earlier made connection from network connections or network and sharing center.

Desktop shortcut can also be made.

Congratulations,you did it

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